Carrie Re, MBA


Carrie recalls that asking lots of questions as a child often landed her in a bit of trouble; “Why are we doing this?  Why can’t we do it this way…?”

As an adult, that curiosity serves her clients and her company well. “Why are we still doing it this way… is this effective or just tradition?”  “How do we get the learning & behaviors to stick when the training is over?”  “Is the value going to be greater than the costs?”  

Carrie loves leading marketing and business development at Vital Talent.  She has many years of success leading sales teams, managing national accounts, selling product and finding solutions.

She takes our clients’ decision to work with Vital very personally which is why she is the self-appointed Client Advocacy & Value Czar.  

In addition to a Master’s in Business Administration, Carrie also has multiple degrees from the “University of Google” in Medical Self-Diagnosis and Useless Trivia.


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