Seeing symptoms that something is wrong in a team or function? Trying to make change in an organization entrenched in its ways? Wrestling with departments who should be aligned but continue to work in opposition?

Organizations often experience the symptoms 

of poorly defined or aligned strategy, processes, people, and culture.

Vital Talent can help you assess the current situation, uncover barriers, manage change, and improve your effectiveness through targeted team and organization effectiveness solutions.

Did you know?

Research indicates that only 5% of a company’s workforce knows or understands its strategy.

Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton: The Office of Strategy Management, Harvard Business Review 2005


Organization Assessment

Wondering what stands between you and improved performance? Seeing symptoms of alignment or collaboration issues in or between teams? Wondering how clearly your strategy is understood in the organization?

Vital Talent can partner with you on an assessment strategy to help you understand and work through barriers to team and organization effectiveness. We utilize interviews, focus groups, surveys, and document review to identify opportunities and develop recommendations right-sized for your organization.


Culture Review

Your corporate culture is part of your brand and corporate identity. It influences the employees you attract and retain, and the decisions and direction your organization takes. 

Not sure what your culture really “is” or how your culture is impacting your organization? Vital Talent can help you assess the current state, identify gaps, and recommend steps you can take on the journey toward a culture that reflects who you really want to be.

Change Management

Change only sticks if your people come with you. Whether you need to assess your organization’s readiness for change, strengthen your organization’s change agility, or implement a planned change, we can help.


5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is an assessment-based learning experience that helps intact teams discover what it takes to achieve peak performance.  Team members will work together to explore their individual and group dynamics, determining actionable steps they can take to improve their effectiveness and achieve their objectives as a united team.

DiSC for Teams

The DiSC model is a powerful research-based framework that helps people understand their behaviors and preferences, and adapt how they communicate and interact with others. After  completing a short online assessment, individuals and teams learn more about themselves through an interactive learning journey rich with self- and peer-discovery. Custom and off-the-shelf DiSC workshops are available.

Team Building for Good

The energizing Team Building for Good workshop combines a unique learning simulation with a rewarding volunteer experience. Designed to build both camaraderie and skills, participants will deepen their skills and relationships, and return with valuable tools and techniques they can use in any team.

“Vital Talent’s expertise in culture, leadership and professional development has been instrumental in helping me align and engage our diverse, dynamic and fast growing team.”

Brett Howell; 4th Down Solutions

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