You scrutinize and manage your sales pipeline; but what about your pipeline of talent?

An organization relies on its people, but not just any people. Organizations need the right employees in the right roles at the right time who are passionate and engaged in their mission.

Vital Talent can help you strengthen your talent pipeline to deliver now and in the future. Connect with us to learn how we can help you select the right talent, onboard and engage your workforce, assess your talent pool, and plan for the future.

Did you know?

Less than 15% of leaders believe leadership succession planning is done well in their organizations, though the majority believe it is an “urgent” or “important” priority.

Adam Canwell: Leaders at all levels: Close the gap between hype and readiness, Deloitte University Press, 2014


talent selection

Talent Selection

Selecting and hiring the right people is critical to sustaining a high-performing organization. Vital Talent can help you design and implement standardized interview guides, tools, and training that will help your managers conduct legally-defensible interviews and select the best candidates for your open roles.

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Onboarding & Assimilation

The way a new manager or employee is onboarded into their role has a significant impact on their productivity and engagement. Whether it’s a structured new leader assimilation process, new manager onboarding, or new employee orientation, Vital Talent can help you with processes and tools to drive engagement and reduce the time to productivity.

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Competency Models

Competency models provide an objective foundation for core talent functions such as hiring, employee development, and performance management. 

Looking to integrate an existing model or develop a new one? We can help.

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Succession Planning

To plan for the future, it’s essential to understand where you’re going and who will take you there. We can help you implement consistent tools and processes to bring your talent pool into focus and create meaningful succession and development plans.

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