Every day your employees communicate with each other, their customers, and their communities. Do they have the skills they need to communicate and collaborate effectively, to influence and inspire, and to move beyond conflict to problem solving and resolution?

Communication in our global, virtually-

connected world is complex and every encounter matters. Ask us how our targeted training and assessment solutions can inspire your employees to communicate and approach conflict in ways that build rapport, improve sales, enhance service, support collaboration, and create the results you need.

Did you know?

86% of employees surveyed cited poor communication or lack of collaboration as the cause of workplace failures.

Sylvie Woolf, 7 Workplace Collaboration Statistics and Advice That Will Have You Knocking Down Cubicles, Clear Company


Custom Training

Looking for a program designed just for you? Vital Talent has designed numerous custom training programs to help individuals and teams communicate and resolve conflict more effectively in a wide range of sales, service, and internal settings. Our programs are always anchored in real-world application, interactivity, and fun.

Vital Presentations

Employees are often called to give presentations, but lack the core skills and confidence to deliver a compelling message. 

VITAL Presentations is a highly interactive instructor-led workshop that helps participants develop more captivating and persuasive business presentations, respond to challenging questions, and deliver with professional presence.

Vital Encounters

Competency models provide an objective foundation for core talent functions such as hiring, employee development, and performance management. 

Looking to integrate an existing model or develop a new one? We can help.

DiSC for Individuals and Teams

To plan for the future, it’s essential to understand where you’re going and who will take you there. We can help you implement consistent tools and processes to bring your talent pool into focus and create meaningful succession and development plans.

“Vital Talent’s expertise in culture, leadership and professional development has been instrumental in helping me align and engage our diverse, dynamic and fast growing team.”

Brett Howell; 4th Down Solutions

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