Al Herr


Al Herr is a longtime Raleigh resident and graduate of NC State University with a degree in Psychology. During his time at NC State he developed a passion for performing on stage in drama and in the most challenging live performance venue – stand-up comedy and improvisation. His love of improv and teaching led him to take his improvisational skills into the corporate world. Al helps sales professionals and presenters engage audiences by helping them let go, find their sense of humor and be more interactive. He has worked with a variety of groups from project managers at GlaxoSmitKline to image consultants bringing his mastery of public speaking, improvisation and humor to improve the presentation skills of his audiences. Al is a respected Toastmaster and has conducted workshops for several hundred Toastmasters at more than 10 district conferences and trainings. In addition to his speaking and improvisational skills he also runs his own video production company.

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